Friday, February 18, 2011

Dallah v. Pakistan: The Buzz continues.

According to the latest reports that have been coming, the Court of Appeal in Paris has upheld the award passed by ICC in a dispute between Dallah, a construction company and Pakistan when a challenge was brought by the Pakistan government. Interestingly, the same award was rejected by the UK Supreme Court. The earlier post on this case can be found here.

More to come as the saga further unfolds.


  1. Could you please post a link to the translated version of the French judgment? Thanks

  2. Ruchika,
    I shall soon be posting it. However, I believe the official translation has not yet come out. Also, an appeal has been preferred in France and the case is far from being settled soon.


  3. Hi Ruchika! and all those who might be interested in the English translation of the case. Below is a link to the translated version of the decision. The translation is not official though.


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