Monday, October 14, 2013

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Trade, Law and Development.

Below is the call for papers for the special issue of Trade, Law and Development journal:

The Board of Editors of the Trade, Law and Development journal is pleased to announce Trade and Climate Change as the theme of the special issue 6.1, due to be published in May, 2014. Climate Change is the foremost challenge facing the global community today. The issue intersects with international trade in numerous ways. The deliberations at the ongoing Doha Round as well as the recent COP-15, Rio+20 and Earth Summit negotiations lent impetus to a global solution to climate change. At the end of 2012 UNFCC Conference, an agreement was reached to draw up a successor agreement by 2015 to the Kyoto Protocol. An effective successor agreement to Kyoto Protocol shall necessarily resolve the various conflicts that dissuaded States, particularly from the global south, from undertaking certain obligations and being parties to the Protocol. The issue is gradually gaining significance due to the initiatives taken by States to promote Renewable Energy use to which often have domestic content requirements and involve the imposition of subsidies which are in conflict with WTO law. More information here.

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