Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vindobona Junction is back; It's coffee with Smaran this time

This post is to introduce Smaran Shetty to our readers, who will be regularly contributing Guest Posts on Vindobona Junction for the duration of the 2012 Vis Moot (and, we hope, beyond that). Smaran is an undergraduate student, currently in the 3rd year at the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. He participated in the 18th edition of the Vis Moot in Vienna, last year and reached the octa-finals. Without more introduction, here is his introductory post. 

The Willem C VisInternational Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition, is perhaps one of the biggest mooting events in the world, and brings law students from diverse legal traditions together to argue over, whether their client was right in what they did. The moot, now in its 19th year has been growing from strength to strength, and I am led to believe that it is one of the few moots (if not the only one), recognized by the United Nations. Although the teams and stature of the moot have only increased, there is a stark silence when it comes to open forum’s where participants, arbitrators and coaches can give out advice and discuss the moot, in an open manner that befits the globalized Vis Community. I think that’s why Lexarbitri's efforts in starting this section of the blog, goes a long way in making the learning process for the moot more democratic and open.

Through the course of 8 odd months running up to the moot, I hope to blog about various aspects of the moot, that participants may often overlook, and attempt to simplify, those issues that are often complicated by teams. I however do not intended to delve into substantive issues into the problem, as I believe that no team, however strong or weak, requires spoon feeding. Instead I hope that this space allows me to best communicate the mountain of knowledge that I gained last year in doing the moot, and hope that in the process participants are eased into a process that they are sure to remember for their lifetime.

I hope to be very regular with my blogging, and intend to give out some advice before the problem actually comes out. I look forward to an active debate on the blog, and I am sure with the collective expertise of the past bloggers, this space can indeed become an indispensable aspect of preparation.

At this junction I would like to offer a caveat. The views contained in this blog, are my personal view points about how to moot and moot practices in general. I do not profess to be an expert at moot, or that my word is the final word. Instead, what I have to say, is just one perspective, in a sea of conflicting and complementary perspectives.

Happy Mooting Everybody !!!! 


  1. You type like you speak, Smaran.

  2. Great work Smaran. I'm sure your posts will guide the participants through their journey of the moot.


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