Monday, November 15, 2010

Vindobona Junction - Some tips on writing a Vis Memo (Part II)

In part I of this post, Rukmini covered a number of tips that we hope would be of assistance to the Vis Moot teams. In this post, I wish to add nothing more. Instead, I share the Respondent memorials of our team for the 16th Vis with the comments we received from the memo judges. Though I am searching for the Claimant memorial with the comments, I am yet to locate it. As both the memorials secured Honourable Mentions, the comments and suggestions written on them by the memo judges could be the best indicator of what distinguishes a good memo from the Best Memo.

The memorial, along with the comments can be found here, here, here and here. The original versions of the memorials, without the comments, can be accessed here and here.

Statutory Warning: Reading certain handwritings can be too stressful and injurious to the eye. Neither Lex Arbitri nor the author assumes any liability for any such injury.

We wish all the teams all the very best for the approaching Claimant submission.

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