Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Call for guest posts

When we started Lex Arbitri, we had a predominantly Indian audience in mind. However, the readership has grown both in number and diversity over the last few months. At present, on most days, the number of hits we receive from outside India equals or exceeds those from India. With this growth in diversity of the readership, we would like to add diversity to our content as well to cater to the varying requirements of different categories of readers. Also, we would like to have more reader participation in the blog. 

Some of our readers have, in the past, sent us thought provoking guest posts on various topics. This is an open call to all readers to consider doing the same. This will help us cover a wider range of topics and get on board a larger number perspectives on each issue.

We reserve the right to make decisions on publication in interest of quality control.

Guest posts may be sent to deepakelanthoor@gmail.com

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