Thursday, June 17, 2010

India appoints Vice President of ICJ, Swiss Expert as arbitrators in Indus water dispute

We had drawn your attention to a post on Practical Academic regarding India and Pakistan resorting to arbitration regarding the Indus river water dispute. The post mentioned that Pakistan had appointed Prof. Jan Paulsson and Judge Bruno Simma as its arbitrators.

The Hindu reports that India has appointed Judge Peter Tomaka and Prof. Lucius Caflisch as its arbitrators. Judge Tomka, who was born in Slovakia, became a Member of the International Court of Justice on February 6, 2003 and was elected the Vice President in 2009. Prof. Caflisch is a former legal advisor of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland. He is presently a member of International Law Commission and the Special Rapporteur to the Commission on the topic "Effects of Armed Conflicts on Treaties".

The four party appointed arbitrators are to choose the presiding arbitrator. With the Vice President of ICJ and Judge Simma on the panel, I am eagerly waiting to see who will be picked to preside over the panel.

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