Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Interesting Links

1. Readers of Lex Arbitri do not need an introduction to Mr. Badrinath Srinivasan, thanks to his regular comments on our posts and the recent guest post he contributed. Here is an interesting piece from him on a recent Supreme Court judgment regarding the practice of PSUs appointing their own employees as arbitrators.

2. This link has nothing to do with arbitration, well almost nothing. Recently when Prof. Shamnad Basheer wrote  a post on SpicyIP about the bar examination, he drew a link between the topic and IP saying IP lawyers form a part of the larger fraternity of lawyers. I will do the same here, as arbitration lawyers too form a part of that larger fraternity. Recently Prof. Basheer launched a revolutionary project to make legal education more accessible to the less privileged (You may call him a dreamer, but he is not the only one - Already about 100 students and lawyers have come forward to support the initiative). It goes by the name IDIA - Increasing Diversity through Increasing Acccess to legal education. Today, IDIA launched a blog, imaginatively titled IDIALLY . All are requested to take a look and extend support to this noble venture.

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